Adult Martial Arts (ages 16 and over)

Martial arts classes for adults in Huntsville and Madison, Alabama. With three great locations to you to train at, Tiger-Rock Martial Arts is the perfect after-work destination.

Get fit, get focused with our martial arts training!

Add an exciting new dimension to your life! Enroll today in Tiger-Rock’s world-class adult martial arts training program!

Our core adult martial arts program combines the Korean tradition of taekwondo with the latest physical fitness. This combination creates a signature workout that helps you become more fit and focused!

Tiger-Rock adult martial arts classes feature striking drills, kicking drills, blocking drills, form exercises, as well as core strengthening exercises. These drills and exercises help you build physical strength, mental toughness, and boost your confidence!

  • Helps you improve your physical fitness
  • Improves your flexibility
  • Teaches self-defense
  • Boosts your cardiovascular health
  • Enhances your mental toughness
  • Builds confidence
  • Sharpens your ability to focus
  • Reduces your stress

Key Areas of Training

Our focus and goals for Tiger-Rock students enrolled in the Adults Program

Striking and Kicking Striking and kicking drills are key elements of our adult martial arts lessons. These drills help build upper and lower body strength and stamina. In addition, these active movements help enhance your coordination and improve your motor skills.

Speed & Agility Tiger-Rock adult martial arts training enhances your physical keenness with speed and agility drills. These drills are designed to sharpen body movement and coordination. You will see an improvement in reflexes, flexibility, and physical reaction timing.

Self-Defense & Counter Aggression In an unpredictable world, you need to have the essential skills necessary to deal with the threats that may come your way. That’s why Tiger-Rock classes feature real-world self-defense training. You will learn important striking, kicking, and blocking techniques to properly defend yourself.

Discipline and Confidence Tiger-Rock adult martial arts training helps instill self-discipline and boosts self-confidence. As you advance in your training and skill development, you will notice certain changes in your lifestyle. You will take on daily challenges with more confidence and greater self-efficacy; you will be more focused on your goals. Most importantly, you approach daily tasks with more discipline.

Competition Tiger-Rock Martial Arts provides a fun, engaging, yet competitive environment. With regional, statewide, and nationwide tournaments held yearly, our classes help you prepare to compete and win. Being a competitor is a great way to stay fit, positive, and driven.

Convenient Class Times Tiger-Rock’s adult martial arts classes are held during the evenings at all our locations. Some of our locations hold mid-afternoon classes for that perfect lunchtime workout! Plus, you have unlimited attendance privileges, come as much as you want!

Train anywhere in the United States Are you out of town but still want to get your training in? No problem. Once you are a Tiger-Rock Martial Arts member, you are eligible to train at any of our locations in the country!

Membership that’s at your pace At Tiger-Rock Martial Arts, we do not move as a class unit nor do we lock you into long term contracts. Therefore, you always have total control of your training place and your Tiger-Rock membership.

Start training today at a Tiger-Rock Martial Arts academy in the Huntsville & Madison area today!

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