Juniors Program (ages 6-11)

Martial arts classes for elementary school students in the Huntsville and Madison area. Students participate in an action-packed, fun environment while learning self-defense and important life skills.

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Juniors: The next step in kids martial arts training

Elementary and middle school brings new social and academic challenges. A constructive after-school activity such as martial arts can help your child deal with these challenges. Tiger-Rock Martial Arts, your neighborhood martial arts academy, is the perfect place to enroll your child.

  • Classes scheduled for the afternoon as the perfect after-school activity
  • Age-appropriate curriculum
  • Vital self-defense training
  • Anti-bullying education
  • Goal setting
  • Positive, constructive environment
  • Nationally accredited instructors
  • An action-packed, fun program

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An action-packed kids martial arts program

  • Striking and kicking Lessons for this age group includes various drills, including striking and kicking. Students will learn various kicking techniques and defensive striking moves. Your child will learn how to defend his or herself from aggressive threats. However, these lessons also have additional benefits, such as developing your child’s athletic ability, improving motor skills, and boosting your child’s physical fitness.
  • Takedowns and self-defense Self-defense is one thing; knowing what to do when a threat is oncoming is another. Our kids martial arts training system helps students react properly for effective self-defense. As your child improves his or her coordination and motor skills, your child will feel more confident.

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We teach kids essential social and life skills

  • Good Citizenship Students are encouraged to be good citizens off the mat. This includes respect for authority and academic accountability.
  • Anti-Bullying Education Unfortunately, elementary school may expose children to their first experience with bullying. We teach our students how to react and defend themselves against bullies.
  • Stranger Awareness. As a parent, the biggest fear you have is your child being approached by a stranger. We teach children how to be aware of strangers and how to react properly.

Tiger-Rock helps children succeed

  • Full participation As we say at our academy, “Nobody sits on the bench!” Our classes are designed to be fun and engaging where everybody participates. At Tiger-Rock Martial Arts, your neighborhood kids martial arts training academy, we have developed an inclusive environment. This environment allows for students to have a positive social experience and participate in various martial arts activities without feeling left out.
  • Advancement & Competition Students are encouraged to take advantage of multiple opportunities per year to advance in belt ranking. These belt tests give students the opportunity to apply what they have learned on the mat. Also, as a member of Tiger-Rock Martial Arts, your child will be invited to participate in yearly tournaments in the fall, spring, and summer. Much of our training is geared towards preparing students for belt testing and competitive events.

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Why Parents Love Tiger-Rock’s Juniors Program

Many of our long-time parents have reported:

  • Noticing their child achieve better grades since joining Tiger-Rock as an extracurricular activity.
  • Observing a significant improvement in their child’s behavior at home.
  • Seeing a remarkable increase in their child’s self-confidence and self-esteem.

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