Tiger-Cubs (ages 4 and 5)

Our Tiger-Cubs program is designed for pre-school and kindergarten-age students. These lessons focus on balance, symmetry, and coordination development. Plus, students will learn important lessons on listening and following directions.

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Tiger-Cubs: our early child development training program

If your child is 4 or 5 years old, they will be placed into our Tiger-Cubs Program. Our Tiger-Cubs classes aim to make a positive impact on your child’s early development. These are classes are roughly 30 minutes in length, and focus on developing basic martial arts skills, balance and coordination, and listening skills.

  • Action-packed 30-minute classes
  • Age-appropriate curriculum
  • Gross motor skills development
  • Balance and coordination development
  • Development of self-discipline
  • Focus and concentration
  • Positive learning and social environment
  • An enormous amount of fun!

Key Areas of Training

Our focus and goals for Tiger-Rock students enrolled in the Tiger-Cubs Program

Balance and Coordination Symmetrical movements form the foundation of the Tiger-Cubs curriculum. These exercises focus on left- and right-side motion. These activities aim to help your child develop their balance and coordination. Together, it lays the foundation of self-confidence and self-control.

Focus and Concentration Students participate in striking, kicking, speed, and agility drills. These drills help with motor skill development. Also, they enhance the student’s ability to focus. Developing the ability to focus and concentrate is essential to child development. As a result, your child will be exhibit more discipline.

Self-Discipline We cannot understate how important instilling self-discipline is at a young age. It helps shape childhood behavior. In fact, self-discipline is a key tenet of Tiger-Rock Martial Arts. Students are encouraged to focus on the tasks at hand. From there, your child will learn personal responsibility and self-control.

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