The Tiger-Rock System

The Tiger-Rock System is founded on one core principle: to transform every student at our academy into a Black Belt, both in martial arts and in life. Our exceptional training program aims to develop disciplined and courteous individuals who will make a positive impact on their peers and in their communities.

  • Integrated martial arts training that blends taekwondo with other styles of martial arts
  • Self-defense training that equips students with the skills to protect themselves
  • Life skills education that prepares students for future challenges, regardless of their age

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An exclusive martial arts workout

Tiger-Rock’s curriculum is based on taekwondo. Since Tiger-Rock’s founding in 1983, we have expanded our training system to incorporate additional martial arts systems to supplement our taekwondo-based program. We integrate hapkido, hanmudo, Brazilian jiu-jitsu, and the latest advancements in physical fitness. Our drills incorporate kicking, striking, sparring, grappling, hand-eye coordination, and martial arts-based calisthenics.

Designed for all ages and skill levels, our system can strengthen muscles, improve anaerobic power, increase flexibility and agility, and bolster your overall physical conditioning and endurance.

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Compete. Defend. Advance.

Tiger-Rock Martial Arts’ value system can be summed up into three words: Compete. Defend. Advance. These three values form the pillar of our martial arts training. The Tiger-Rock System is a competitive sport, a self-defense training system, and a personal development program. Your journey to Black Belt incorporates all of these elements by way of:

  • Spirited competition through our exclusive local and national tournaments
  • Skill events, seminars, and training cycles that focus on self-defense
  • Belt exams (held every other month) to evaluate mastery of our system & offer opportunities to advance in martial arts rank

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Aged-Based Curriculums

The Tiger-Rock System is a versatile martial arts training program that has been adapted to suit students of all ages and skill levels:

  • In our Tiger-Cubs Program, we emphasize motor skills development, balance and coordination, enhancing listening skills, goal setting, teamwork and cooperation, and respect for authority.
  • In our Junior & Teen Programs, our lessons are centered on real-world self-defense training, advanced life skills education, leadership training, and personal responsibility.
  • Adult students participate in fast-paced, intense drills aimed at improving flexibility, agility, reaction times, situational awareness, physical endurance, and mental acuity.

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Life skills training

Tiger-Rock’s life skills education equips students with essential tools for success both on and off the mat. A solid foundation of life skills enhances the well-being and competency of individuals of all ages. At Tiger-Rock, we instill the following skills in our students:

  • Problem solving and critical thinking
  • Cooperation and teamwork
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Self-esteem and self-confidence
  • Self-management and self-discipline
  • Perseverance and self-control

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Self-defense training

Even though Colorado Springs is a relatively safe city, danger can still lurk. Knowing how to respond to an unexpected threat can make all the difference in thwarting an attack. That’s why at Tiger-Rock, we teach real-world self-defense techniques, providing you with a crucial advantage against malicious actors.

  • Counter-aggression maneuvers
  • Evasion and escape maneuvers
  • De-escalation tactics
  • Situational awareness
  • How to be aware of your surroundings

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The Tiger-Rock Difference

  • Martial arts can improve your quality of daily life.
  • Taekwondo training can help improve your physical fitness, conditioning, and strength.
  • It is a great way to relieve stress and anxiety, improving your mental health.
  • You can acquire new life skills that will help you take on life’s challenges more effectively.
  • Martial arts can also boost your self-confidence, self-esteem, and self-image.

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